Why B2B marketing shouldn’t be ignoring link building

With social media finally becoming part of business marketing, is understandable to see other marketing activities taking a back foot. After all, social media takes a large portion of time from a Digital Marketer’s day. But there is one black sheep of the digital marketing strategy that is constantly looked over: Link Building.

So why did we forget it?

Has link building had its day? Far from it. It’s more relevant now than ever before.

link building

Why is it more important than ever before?

There is no longer a magic trick to bump you up the google rankings, and so called black hat marketing techniques are seriously penalized by the Big G, but link building has actually become more important, not less.
With the steer of many marketing departments and agencies towards content marketing, we have to ask ourselves a simple question; how do you get people into your perfectly manicured marketing funnel?
Most CEOs are pushing for more leads, more conversions, and whilst the main part of the marketing funnel needs to have a lot of work inputted, you still need people to get into that funnel. You see more and more posts on Linkedin marketing groups and CIM forums about user visits dropping up to 400% over a year. The go to answer on these forums appears to be SEO, and when the original poster says they’ve done that, everyone stays quiet. The hard truth to swallow though, is the black sheep of marketing strategy, link building, has been ignored.

How to rescue the situation before its critical

Assuming you’re reading this without having massive visitor drop offs, you can solve the problem. For those who do have massive drop off rates, well you can too, but its going to be a LOT more work.
There are two simple principles for SEO:

  1. On Page SEO
  2. Off Page SEO

We all know on page SEO is about adding inbound and outbound links, making sure there are alt tags, adding images, updating meta tags, etc. Off page is exactly the same activities, but its someone else doing it. THEY are picking YOUR site to link to. Whilst your PR agency is likely to make sure there are links in media platforms, these can account for less than 1% of a standard off page SEO package.
With that in mind, link building exists on the edge of content. You can build links of pages, posts, old posts, new posts, REALLY old posts. For example one of the most popular link building posts used for on page linking is a 2014 Moz & Skyrocket post. And all it does? Show you some results. But the reason its so well used is it has other backing. More and more people backed it, more and more people continue to back it. This bumps up their rankings for EVERY keyword on their site.

Further help

Now you’re enthused, its time to work on link building. You can export this to an agency if you want, there are many out there, but they cost a lot. Instead you should look into some of the other ways people are link building. After all there are loads of ways to gain links:
Here’s a fantastic place to start, courtesy of Moz.

If you wanted to know more about how to action link building you should check out this excellent Backlinko post.

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