The Future of Google; Author Rank

With the ever expanding Google Zoo its clear that Google have something big planned, and they’re making sure their transition is sooth. That’s where Hypertelling comes in. From what we can see about the changes being made to Google its clear that content is king. So based on that, how does Google rate the content given? You might have a whole raft of authors on a single website, some producing great content, others producing flops. And that’s why the next big thing might be Author Rank.

Now Author Rank is far from new, in fact we’ve seen Google trial this with “verified authors” in the past, however people quickly abused it to the point of destruction. But that doesn’t mean Google abandoned it. Instead it works out the author from behind the scenes, pulling the strings in the dark to work out the best content producers out there, regardless of website.
We still see this with the new cards section, with a large volume of these coming from named author posts, rather than the top ranking website. It’s definitely not dead.

The great thing about Author Rank is that you’ve probably been preparing for it already, as I say the Google Zoo has been doing exactly that. But if you want to future proof your content, and ensure that once the Zoo is finished your content is at the top, there are things you need to do. This killer GIF infographic is actually back from 2013 by Vertical Measures, but is more relevant today than it was 3 years ago.


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