New Year SEO Check Up

As the Christmas time approaches you might want to take a thought for your SEO; which, whilst being an important part of digital marketing throughout the year, takes on an even more important demand. With changing sitemaps, dead pages, broken links, and a new year of posts, its time for a deep clean.


Page and Post Cleanse

You all know how it goes, you add a page for this, a post for that, and they last a month before they’re forgotten. So why keep them?
Now there are some quality posts in here, and some with fantastic SEO, which I’ll go into below, but for the large majority, they’re now just wasting space. This doesn’t seem too bad at first glance, but any extra page is a new line on your sitemap, another microsecond on your page load times. Time to go through and cut the crud.

Old year posts

“Conference 2016”, “the things to look out for in 2015″… We all have those posts. They served their time, and had fantastic views. But that doesn’t mean they’re dead. In fact, they’re sleeping. Now is the time to give it some love.
You have multiple choices, from republishing it with this years content, to making an new year post that you ping back to, or even making an update post to see how the year panned out.
Each of the posts you do here will not only serve as quality posts on their own, but will create positive internal SEO links.

Great content

You write a post, it gets views, it has SEO, and then it just sits there? No. You recycle.
This could take the form of rebuilding the post with new content, but in most cases the content is fine for now. So you simply republish it a year later. It gets new views, its extra content along side your new content, and its proven, so it bumps the worth even higher.

Broken Links

With your page cleansing, its clear there will be some dead links, and a whole years worth of external links that have died off. Its time to check your broken links. No one wants to do the job, but its got to be done. If you don’t have a plugin you can use this free online tool by Online Broken Link Finder.

Sitemap Submit & Webmaster Tools

I would strongly suggest every 6 months to resubmit your sitemap. It needs to be done so that you’re SEO is distributed right, but also to allow your incoming links to reflect correctly. It an take 3 to 6 month to actually be read, but most people submit only when the website is new. That could be up to 10 years without submitting a sitemap. Not good. Its also worth checking out the other webmaster tools whilst your at it.

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