Full Brand Digital Make Over

After 12 years of a digital brand, SpriteStitch came to me in order to re-establish their digital presence following a lowering of viewership.

Whilst the blog had gained a large popularity over the last 12 years, they had failed to update their website and forums to modern principles. As a result, it was clear that a re-branding was required, utilizing pre-existing logos.
Following an in depth review on target market, current user base, lost user base and marketing position, we established a new business plan (including adding additional revenue streams) to incorporate the new expanded plan, and along with it, created a new website and forum.

The old website had a lack of focus on images, had a narrowed 2000’s style blog, and had a light blue coloring across the whole design.
Focusing on new website demands we created a website and forum to help with:

  • Mobile Optimised versions
  • SEO content
  • Focus on imagery
  • Easier navigation
  • CTAs on website
  • New coloration to better fit brand
  • Advertisements
  • Clear brand messaging

You can see the new and old websites below.

New Website & Forum


Old Website & Forum


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