Website Modernisation

Following 7 years of the same website, my client looked to impliment a new website. The need arose due to the brand’s presence in the industry being seen as traditional, and not forward thinking (as they once were). In order to acheive this we created a highly modern design, which exceeded their competitors in terms of usability.
In addition, we worked with their senior team to add in a series of functionalities into the website:

  • Clearly defined Medical and Life Science websites
    • Similar where possible to reflect corporate brand, however customised experiences
    • Purchasing journey different for each side of buisness
  • Product specific pages
    • Ability to add a lot of content without looking too busy or unfriendly
    • Series of Call To Actions to enable conversation
    • Brochure and technical document download option (with form)
  • Science/Journal area
    • Allowed download of journals using systems
    • Discussion area fo journals of interest
    • Contact details for journal authors to enable scientists working together
  • Content area
    • Old content area rarely updated and hidden on website
    • Creation of clearly segmented content areas so ‘thought peices’ were not found with scientific content

Coupled with a new proactive content strategy (by us) we enabled an increase of unique viewers by 52% over 6 months, an increase of website leads by 86%, and an increase conversion rate from 86% to 94%. Using a website with high scientific content there was also a marked decrease in sale time, saving the sales team 14% on each sale on average.

Main Website

Website by Rhys Turton

Medical Website

Medical Website by Rhys Turton

Life Science

Life Science Website by Rhys Turton

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