Brochure Redesign

Following the successful launch of the newly designed website for the Medical and Life Science business with localised versions, the next task was aiding the sales team by creating a series of redesigned brochures. We did this in two steps; firstly the redesign and modernisation of the existing brochures.

  4 Medical Product Brochures
  3 Life Science Procut Brochures
  3 Accessory/Applicator Brochures
  7 Case Study Examples
  1 Corporate Brochure

We then took these brochures and created versions specific to three markets; the US, Germany and Russia. Each were based off the general (UK) template but took into consideration the medical systems, remuneration and clinical differences in each market. Each were also created in their local language.
Further plans for the company involve development of brochures specific to the Australian market, and an update of their Life Science brochures in the same way.

An example of one of the general Medical brochures and the corporate brochure can be downloaded below:
Rhys Turton Medical brochureRhys Turton Corporate brochure

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