17 Things

You don’t know much about me. Let’s fix that.

1. I love to cross stitch.

2. I’ve published 6 books! From fiction novelettes for teenagers to non-fiction tomes on embroidery.

3. I’m obsessive about tea. I’ve tried over 2600 teas in the last 6 years. As a result, you’ll always see me with a cup in my hand.

4. The strategy of retro video games makes it my go-to activity when I need inspiration.

5. I code javascript applets. Here’s one that works out how much fabric you might need for a cross stitch project.

6. According to my friends and family, I watch too much TV. 

7. “Too much” is relative.

8. I have a passion for shin hanga (Japanese woodblock prints).

9. I occassionally design retro futuristic travel posters.

10. I love everything Japanese. I’m a massive Japanophile. Although I never learnt Japanese…

11. Star Trek is better than Star Wars, but not by much.

12. My dog’s name is Tilly. She’s cute, fluffy and demands belly rubs.

13. An unlucky number for some, hower thirteen is my lucky number.

14. Favorite books: The Martian, Ready Player One & Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

15. I can’t get enough of a good spreadsheet. And formulas. Love a vlookup. Is that weird?

16. I use lists ALL the time. Like; even right now.

17. I have a more detailed résumé if you’re into that sort of thing.