Rhys Turton is the creative mind behind the video game and pop culture cross stitch brand Lord Libidan. A regular contributor to books, kits, craft magazines and blogs, he’s moved into producing his own books and kits. Born out of a need to shed the antiquated Granny perception of cross stitch and bring it into the 21st century with video game and pop culture designs.

When Rhys isn’t cross stitching, he’s drinking copious amounts of tea whilst playing video games and watching TV. You can follow his weekly blog and recent patterns, cross stitches and updates at

Transform your needlework from craft into fine art​—Cross Stitch Creations: Fine Art shows you how to recreate classic artwork from the masters.

Take your needle art to the next level and recreate some of the finest masterpieces in history! Cross Stitch Creations: Fine Art presents to you a myriad of patterns that will channel the master artist in you.

From van Gogh to Klimt to Munch, the projects and artists found in Cross Stitch Creations: Fine Art represent a wide range of art movements in the painting world as a whole. The clear, step-by-step instructions and full-color photographs for the 12 included projects allow you to decorate your walls with the master’s most iconic works of art in the classic medium of cross stitch.

Stitch 12 Iconic Patterns to Communicate with Your World!
Even when you can’t find the right words, you can always find the right emoji! Frame these sweet and sassy little symbols as art or embellish clothing, linens or a throw pillow!
Emoji Cross Stitch includes the patterns to craft twelve of the most popular emoji, along with all the materials to make to finished projects. The 64-page book offers clear step-by-step instructions and full-color photographs, suitable for beginners and experienced stitchers alike.

Crafting just got a whole lot cuter. Like Hello Kitty herself, the twelve patterns in this fun, accessible, cross-stitch kit are all simply adorable. Cross Stitch Creations: Hello Kitty includes a fully illustrated book with step-by-step instructions and photographs of the finished projects, plus fun notes and details about the characters of Hello Kitty’s world.
A needle, embroidery floss, a six-inch hoop, and cloth for completing two projects comes with the kit, so there’s no waiting to get started. With twelve sweet patterns inspired by the world of Hello Kitty and featuring all of her friends, adding Hello Kitty’s classic charm to clothing, pillowcases, onesies, and more has never been easier.


Stitch 12 iconic patterns from a galaxy far, far away! Bring a touch of the Force to your crafting with Star Wars Cross Stitch. Frame a memorable quote, embellish clothing with the logo, or add your favorite character to a throw pillow—get creative with patterns inspired by A New Hope to The Force Awakens. Whether you’re a beginning Padawan stitcher or a Jedi Master, you’re sure to find a pattern that fits your skills.


A collection of thirty cross-stich projects—created by Star Trek crafters—perfect for both die-hard Trekkies and enterprising crafters alike.
Ever wondered what Spock would look like on a baby’s onesie? Well, now you can see, in this fun collection of thirty cross-stitch projects made with love by Star Trek fans. If you’re looking for ideas for putting your favorite character on a tote bag or pillow—or perhaps hanging a lovely framed “Qo’noS Sweet Qo’noS” in the entryway to let everyone know that a Klingon-speaker lives here—then look no farther. Whether you’re a lifelong Trekkie or just a Starfleet cadet, you can show your Star Trek pride by decorating your home, your clothes, and your children with cross-stitched Star Trek quotes and iconic images.


Disney Classic Cross Stitch lets you add a touch of Disney magic to everyday items! From a sweet Winne the Pooh bib to a Steamboat Willie throw pillow to a lovely framed stitching of Cinderella’s Coach, these projects all feature beloved classic Disney characters.


A contemporary fantasy novel about the friend of the prime minister who get enrolled in an odd situation, including death, a bunch of animals, a war of nations, a family tree (of sorts) and a wizard demanding an apology. Oh, and there’s a robot with an IQ of zero, who happens to also do all the thinking for Rusty, whiskey is now a hearty breakfast and the prime minister is a horse; just like normal really.