I’ve seen Rhys not only excel at the core elements of his job – like email marketing, social media and website design – but I’ve also seen him learn other skills and tasks that extend well beyond the scope of his role, like our plain English campaign, and even spearheading our company’s internal communications. I’ve seen many employees care for only the bare minimum, however Rhys not only masters his core duties, but goes above and beyond to ensure the company ethos by taking on new challenges and projects in the interests of the company’s growth. In fact many new roles were enveloped into Rhys’ duties after he showed the ability to take them on with ease. I hope Rhys the best for his future career, and know he will be a fantastic addition to any marketing team.

James Walker, Managing Director

Rhys would be an asset to any marketing operation and he was a key part of my team at Xstrahl. He was always eager to help and he displayed a forensic knowledge of the marketing challenges the company faced. He could always be relied upon to plan and deliver projects to a high standard. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Rhys and I am sure he will be successful in any future endeavours.

Neil Madle, Marketing Manager

Logical and adaptable is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Rhys. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Rhys for 2 years, during which we worked together on data analysis for some of IRi’s largest clients. Above all, I was impressed with Rhys’ ability to manage not only the immediate need, but understands the journey and process of our clients, and the end user when making recommendations. And, of course, his adaptability is a real asset. Rhys would be a great addition to any positions requiring someone who can analyse large volumes of data, understand end user insights, and plan marketing insights.

Chris Nesbit, International Strategy Manager

Rhys has been instrumental in connecting the marketing and IT departments together, and developing our SEO, SEM and website strategy. His knowledge about backend website building is truly impressive, allowing us to create a great infrastructure around the website and inbound marketing programs.

Dan King, IT Manager

I worked alongside Rhys for 2 years, and during that time he proved to be an invaluable asset to the team. He was a skilled communicator with a knack for providing concise, clear directives to an offshore team, often “upskilling” in the process. Rhys provided much needed humour to a highly pressured environment and when projects needed further resource, Rhys was first in line to provide his support. Rhys was an indispensable member to my team, and I could always count on him to bring the very best analytics – and his uniquely linear problem solving skills – to the table.

Joanna Hemson, Content Creator