Nestlé Purina

While working at IRi we were approached by our largest client, Nestlé to review their social media plan for their new range, Purina Adventuros. Following a deep delve the social media plan was deemed to not hit on the key metrics dog owners deem important, and so we fed back with multiple edits.

Following these suggestions, Nestlé requested a 3-month working relationship where we were tasked with totally redesigning their social media plans for the first 5 years. I was chosen as for this role due to my previous work with Nestlé Purina, and was based in their office for this period.

The Adventuros brand was created with the dog in mind, and as a result, worked to engage the dog’s more primal senses. This in turn caused selective treat picking by the dog for Adventuros products.

However the branding at the time chose to feature more product-driven, value add messaging. I redesigned the campaigns to be more information led, driving the key selling points of the brand.

Informational branding wouldn’t work on its own though, so by developing product shots to include animals in “action shots” the brand images promote an inclusive feeling, recreating customer shots or influencer content.

The data-driven feedback from the agency showed that dog owners want to see satisfaction from the dog, so by showing enjoyment of the product in imagery, we promote this to the customer.

Influencer content was steadily growing in the dog market, with vines and images of pets being heavily spread on Instagram and Twitter.

By addressing the use of dogs within key yearly milestones, such as new years resolutions, working from home, Christmas events, etc we could direct the public into engaging more with their pets, and bolstering the influencer market.

Plans were put in place to develop a series of brand events, based on these key milestones to not only push Adventuros, but positive attitudes to dog ownership at the same time. This made the influencer content less likely to keep sales driven.

As the final part of the social media plan, we knew that supplying the best assets to influencers would result in a uniform and brand-wide message. By adding grass to the bottom of assets, logos and product shots we created a brand that would be easily recognisable in the industry, whilst also pushing the dog first, primal/wild messaging.

The actions taken in the social media plan were actioned directly by Nestlé, and are still in use today, past the 5-year limit of the social media plan.