Xstrahl Ltd

During my time with Xstrahl, a radiotherapy device manufacturer, I was in charge of the team constructing the new website, building the branding for a new product launch, and updating marketing collateral.

A major hurdle for the Xstrahl brand is the dual focus of its product line under one name. As s result their website had heavily underserved either their Clinical Systems, or Radiation Research Cabinets.

Inheriting a traditional website, I went about creating two separate areas, which would be automatically selected using tags based on previous customer engagement, and known IPs.

To build on this we engaged in point based inbound theory, developing assets we could utalised for lead generation.

In order to do this, we needed strong marketing collateral, with brochures making up a large part of that. In the past brochures were only given to non-native English speakers, and lacked core information, case studies and technical specs.

By reworking brochures to not only outline the system of choice, but also compare systems I was able to decrease the time needed for lead qualification, and increase the sales teams leads.

A year after I joined the company was ready to launch its new product, a smaller, less powerful clinical system. I fully created the brand, and marketing creative for the RADiant system, in all 4 marketing areas.

Each marketing area, Europe, Far Asia, Australia & the Americans have very different uses for the product, from stab wound victims to beauty treatments, to skin cancer therapy. As a result, I created a website with IP location tracking that would offer the relevant version of the brand to each consumer, regardless of location. The content on this page would then update regularly to reflect more learnings we gained from the customer after they downloaded items and clicked areas.

For any clinical research brand, advanced technical documentation is regularly created using the tools it manufactures.

By being involved from the ground up on all research produced using Xstrahl products, I was able to consistently produce reports on new research and treatments developed by the tools.

An important part of this was to produce content that could be read by both the technical using the product, the researcher, but also the purchaser, which is usually less technically minded. Using my years of content generation I was able to distill the core information without confusing the reader.